Our mission

For over 100 years, Pilot has been providing the market with the highest quality pens and innovative solutions to help you make the most of your handwriting and achieve what matters most.

Today, screens and smartphones are an integral part of our everyday lives, but the act of writing still activates our brains in a fundamental way. More than ever Pilot’s mission is to “Support the act of writing by inviting everyone to write their world.”

Whether you are at school, at the office or at home:

there will always be a Pilot pen,
to write your world.

Brand values


Today, Pilot is one of the few manufacturers in the world able to carry out all the necessary stages in the development of a writing instrument. Pilot guarantees the impeccable quality of its products. True to its Japanese origins, each factory is subject to strict manufacturing processes and controls. Each product is systematically tested at the end of the production chain.


Thanks to a very high level of innovation combined with great industrial determination, Pilot has launched successive technologies that have completely changed the writing market.


At PILOT, we are constantly innovating to make our pens increasingly eco-friendly. The focus of all our initiatives is to WRITE BETTER WITH LESS, with the aim of reducing the ecological impact of our production, while preserving our standards of quality and innovation.

Pilot Company

Thanks to its expertise, the brand has positioned itself at the forefront of writing instrument technology worldwide. Today, Pilot pens are available all over the world: the company is a pioneer in its market, N°1 in the rollerball category, as well as creator and of N°1 player in the thermosensitive segment.

A Japanese



employees around the world in 2023


present in over 100 countries around the world


Billion Yen of turnover in 2022 (= 777 million €)

Over 100 years of history

The first Pilot pens were created in Japan in 1918. They were created by two marine engineers, Ryosuke Namiki and Masao Wada in the merchant navy.
As a tribute to their shared passion for the sea, they named the brand Pilot after the flagship that leads the fleet.

Our challenges

Write better with less

Preserving the environment is a major challenge that has long guided our actions and thinking. This approach of constant improvement has been rewarded by achieving the very selective EMAS certification as well as the ISO 14001 norm. Proud of these milestones, we are continuing our efforts through an action plan based on 4 essential pillars: our 4R’s


Give maximum priority to the use of recycled plastic.


Less plastic in our packaging.


Change the refill, not the pen.


Reduce pollution collecting plastic ocean waste.